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In March 2020, as the number of confirmed COVID-19 infections grew, Hawaii governor David Ige announced an immediate shutdown of non-essential movement and gathering in Hawaii. As such we also were required to shut our doors to in-person worship. Since July, we have reopened our church to in-person worship with limited capacity. To ensure the health and safety of members and visitors alike, we have set into place important social distancing protocols that will be enforced at all times.



In compliance with established mask mandates, everyone will be required to wear a face mask or shield that completely and securely covers the nose, mouth and chin at all times. Signs have been posted showing how masks are to be worn.


Anyone who does not wear a mask or shield will not be allowed into the Sanctuary. In order to protect our members and visitors alike, the church will call the police on anyone who refuses to follow the mask mandate or any of our social distancing policies.


Pews have been arranged and marked with an "X" to ensure that persons attending worship are seated six-feet apart from one another. We also ask that people not stand next to, or touch, one another unless they belong to the same household.

There is limited seating available and we will not be able to accommodate people once our maximum capacity has been reached.


Everyone will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the Sanctuary. Sanitizer has been provided at all entry points on our campus.


There is one way in and one way out of all church facilities. Members will enter through the front double doors into the Sanctuary and exit out of the side entrance. Please follow arrows on floor.


Worship bulletins are mailed out each week to our members and regular attendees. All those attending in-person worship will need to bring their weekly bulletin and Bibles.


Singing (with masks on) has been permitted only when spacing allows for it. Otherwise, we will continue to recite (or play a recorded version of) our liturgical songs such as the Gloria Patri, Doxology, Lulu Response, Queen's Prayer, etc.

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