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We are God's Church at Pukaʻana.

We are a welcoming, loving, faith community of disciples, who are led by the Spirit, and driven for mission. We treasure each person and embrace all in Christian fellowship. We are a prophetic people and church – bringing hope and truth to our community. We invite all to join us as we strive to share and live the Gospel; and, seek to deepen our relationship with Christ, and one another.

Our Story

The Reverend John D. Paris


In 1849, our faith community was founded at the beachside village of Keālia Mākai, with the construction of our mother church. Our founder, the Reverend John D. Paris, a church planter and missionary, supervised the establishment of many of our sister churches in Kona and Kāʻū, as places of worship and Christian education for the Hawaiian Christian community.

In 1900, a second church, known affectionately as the “keiki church”, was constructed in the mauka (upper, mountainous) region of Keālia Uka. And, as the communities of Keālia and Hoʻokena continued to thrive, both churches served simultaneously for nearly 50 years.

In 1950, following the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of our church’s founding, the mother church was demolished following an earthquake that struck the area. Today, three of its original walls remain. On occasion, members of the church continue to hold outdoor services at the mother church. Locals and visitors alike, who make the trek to Hoʻokena and Keālia beaches, continue to visit and document our historic church.

Following 1950, the keiki church became the primary house of worship for our congregation; and, for the last 121 years, remains the spiritual center of our community.

For over 170 years, Pukaʻana (which means Exodus) has been a central part of our lives: as individuals, families, and as a community. Here, in the little town of Keālia, generations of faithful Saints have assembled to worship and give praise to the triune God; to study the Word and hear God’s message for our lives; and, to fellowship with one another in unity and love.

As our church continues to grow and develop, we have committed ourselves as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ to answer His call to mission – to reach out to our respective communities and embrace all in loving, Christian fellowship; to share the hope-filled message of the Gospel and to live its principles; and, to deepen our relationship with Christ, and with one another.

We invite you to join us in the journey.

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